Why Physical Activity Is Important

Updated: May 9, 2021

According to the public health statistics, only 35% of Pomona community residents meet the recommended guidelines for weekly physical activity. Research shows that it is recommended to participate in approximately 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. This can be achieved by an activity such as going on a brisk walk for 20 minutes per day to keep you healthy! One of our goals is to provide you with the means to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. We aim to achieve this by providing you with a variety of options for daily exercises at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Here is an example of an aerobic physical activity at every intensity level: Beginner: Brisk walk for 20 minutes

Intermediate: 1.5 mile run at a jogging pace

Advanced: 2 mile run for time

5 Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Reduce risk of chronic illness

  • Strengthen your bones and muscles

  • Improve gait and balance to prevent falls

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Increase chances of living longer

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