Workout of the Day

Join us this week for a full body circuit workout that will elevate your heart rate and will give you a great sweat sesh!


Choose your intensity and complete 3 rounds of the circuit. Depending on your level, you could either move on to the next exercise or take 10-30 second breaks in between each exercise. Between rounds, make sure to rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute before getting back into it.


  • 25 jumping jacks

  • 25 lunges (each leg)

  • 25 sit ups


  • 25 jump squats

  • 25 lunges (each leg)

  • 50 sit ups


  • 50 jump squats

  • 50 lunges (each leg)

  • 50 sit ups

Follow up with a 15 -20 minute brisk walk or jog.

To cool down, stretch or do yoga for 5-10 minutes.

Hope you felt the BURN!

Let us know what you thought of this week's workout! Share on instagram and make sure to tag us at @sustain_able_together.

See you next week!

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